Accessories for hydraulic power units

Hydraulic Power Unit Accessories

Accessories for hydraulic power units are essential components that ensure the proper operation and maintenance of hydraulic systems. Accessories such as oil level indicators, plastic protection, closing plugs, filler breathers, and metal plugs and breathers play significant roles in protecting and monitoring hydraulic fluids.

Oil Level Indicators and Plastic Protection

Oil level indicators are precise tools that allow monitoring of the hydraulic fluid level within the tanks, ensuring that the hydraulic system operates within optimal parameters. Plastic guards, on the other hand, are designed to safeguard the more delicate components of the power units, such as sensors and indicators, from impacts and external contaminants.

Closing plugs and Filler Breathers

Closing plugs ensure reliable sealing of access points to the system when not in use, preventing leaks and the entry of impurities. Filler breathers, made of durable materials like Polyamide, are essential to maintain the internal pressure of the tank and allow safe filling and adequate air venting.

Metal Plugs and Breathers: Durability and Reliability

Metal plugs and breathers provide a robust and durable solution. Made from aluminum, brass, or steel alloys, these components are ideal for applications on hydraulic tanks and power units where corrosion resistance and longevity are of primary importance.