Rental of the HNP076 Dehydrator by Pall Corporation Industry 4.0

Available for rental is the Mobile Filtration System HNP076 of Pall Corporation’s Industry 4.0, a dehydrator for hydraulic oils with a flow rate of 4,200 L/h and a maximum viscosity of 700 cST at 70°C. The system can be remotely controlled, and monitoring is also possible by LubeTeam Hydraulic personnel.

Moisture in Hydraulic Systems

Moisture in hydraulic systems is a threat as it negatively affects machine performance. Water is one of the most severe and destructive contaminants, causing the following damages:

  • Viscosity reduction.
  • Additive depletion.
  • Reduction of the fluid’s lubricating properties.
  • Oil oxidation.
  • Internal corrosion.
  • Abrasive wear of system components.
  • Reduced dielectric rigidity.
  • Degradation of fluid properties.

Description of the HNP076 Dehydrator and Operating Principle

The HNP076 dehydrator is a portable unit compact enough to be used in confined spaces. With a capacity of 4,200 liters per hour and the ability to remove 40 liters of water per day, it is suitable for medium and large hydraulic systems.

The device allows filtration and degassing of hydraulic systems and lubricating fluids in the offline circuit. It is designed to operate under vacuum (vacuum dehydration is the most effective method, with minimal cost and easy use), allowing the removal of sludge and dissolved water. It can eliminate up to 90% of dissolved water and 100% of free water, 100% of free gases, and up to 80% of dissolved gases. This process occurs without altering the technical, chemical, and mechanical properties of the oil molecule. Contaminant particle removal is achieved using filters with performance ratings of βx(c) >2000 Athalon®. It has a flow rate of 21.8 US gallons per minute (70 l/min = 4,200 lt/hr). Additionally, with the WS12 water humidity sensor, the purifier is allowed to operate only when water exceeds the predetermined level. Water removal rates are influenced by fluid viscosity, temperature, water form (free or dissolved), and the quantity of water present.

The Particle Counter PCM500

The HNP076 dehydrator by Pall Corporation is fully automated. It has an Ethernet connection and is controlled by a PLC with a 5.7” color touch display and a web server for remote control.

The particle counter PCM500, in addition to analyzing hydraulic oils, constantly monitors water saturation in purified fluid. A ventilation filter with colloidal silica dries the incoming air, increasing the efficiency of the cleaning system even in environments with high humidity rates. The electronic contamination sensor allows optimal programming of the use and maintenance of the filter element for particle removal. For protection against overpressure, the gear pump is equipped with a safety valve set at 3.5 Bar g (350kPag/50.8 psi max). After startup, it operates completely automatically. The standard water sensor enables permanent control of fluid water saturation.

ISO Standards

Filter elements are tested in accordance with the following ISO standards:

  • ISO 2941: Verification of collapse/burst resistance.
  • ISO 2942: Verification of fabrication integrity.
  • ISO 2943: Verification of material compatibility with fluids.
  • ISO 3723: Method for end load test.
  • ISO 3724: Verification of flow fatigue characteristics.
  • ISO 3968: Evaluation of pressure drop versus flow characteristics.
  • ISO 16889: Multi-pass method for evaluating filtration performance.

Technical Features

Features Advantages Benefits
Particle counter Non-use of the particle counter Immediate detection of contamination class
Without condensate water tank Evaporates water and captures solvent Elimination of potential atmospheric pollutant risks, reducing costs
Compact size Smaller cart in the industry and ease of transport Easy transport through doors and along corridors
Forklift guide rails Safe method for lifting and transporting the HNP076 unit Operator safety and ease of transport
Programmable thermostat Prevents oil overheating Increases oil lifespan
Automatic operation No need for supervision Reduction in labor costs and increased working time
Polarity reversal errors No change in motor rotation Flexibility, less maintenance, prevention of incorrect rotation
Switches used in the electrical panel No fuses to replace and simple diagnostics Fewer spare parts, reduced maintenance costs

Height 1865 mm – Length 1580 mm – Width 720 mm
Net weight Kg 385 approx.
Maximum viscosity cST: 700 at +10°C up to +70°C

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